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Wed, Apr 25, 2018
Research : Employee Satisfaction Surveys
MNA also conducts online and paper employee satisfaction surveys for your company using our time-tested questionnaire customized for your specific needs. Our survey analyzes twelve key areas to determine employees' level of satisfaction with their employment. Respondents rate the company in the following areas:
  1. Overall satisfaction
  2. Leadership and planning
  3. Corporate culture
  4. Communication
  5. Career development
  6. Role at the company
  7. Recognition and rewards
  8. Teamwork and cooperation
  9. Working conditions
  10. Relations with immediate supervisor
  11. Training program
  12. Pay and benefits
We will adjust benefits questions to match your company's benefits package, and we can create questions that will delve into issues facing your organization, such as:
  • What have you heard in the rumor mill?
  • Have there been recent organizational changes?
  • In what areas do you personally feel the organization needs improvement?

After completion, we will send you a detailed report including findings and recommendations.

For more information about this survey, send an e-mail to info@michaelneill.com.