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Wed, Apr 25, 2018
ServiStar Sales : Client Testimonials
CUES spent time with four credit unions to find out what challenges they were facing before beginning the ServiStar program, and what successes they have seen since embracing a new sales and service culture. Check out their interviews below.

Kim Egeler, VP of Branch Operations
Wildfire Credit Union

Kim says her credit union was faced with a name change, an aging membership, and the need to improve internal service. Through the ServiStar program, Widlfire CU saw referrals increase 38% over a 3-year-period by holding employees responsible.

Lindsey Palmer, Training Director
Oakland County Credit Union

Lindsey explains that Oakland County CU began the ServiStar program four years ago because it was looking for a new opportunity and a new beginning. ServiStar helped the credit union create a set of service promises the credit union wholeheartedly lives by now.

Matt Helms, VP of Human Resource and Training
Corporate America Family Credit Union

Matt says his credit union was looking to deepen its sales and service culture. It wanted to bring consistency and accountability to how the employees helped their members. After beginning the ServiStar program, Corporate America Family CU saw, in just one year, a 12% increase in its Net Promoter rating across the entire membership.

Tom Millard, Senior VP of Sales and Services
First Heritage Credit Union

Tom shares that First Heritage CU realized that while the results of its member satisfaction survey showed satisfaction levels remaining unchanged for several years, member satisfaction levels was actually increasing with their peers. Since implementing the ServiStar program, Tom reports that the credit union's member satisfaction rate has increased to 97.2%, putting it in the top 5% among its peers.